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ViaDerma Transdermal Delivery Solutions

ViaDerma, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company committed to bringing the best new products to market through many years of innovative clinical research, testing & product development. ViaDerma licenses products in the fields of medicine ranging from infectious diseases to wound care, skin care, CBD, cosmetics, and more. In addition to licensing our proprietary transdermal technologies, our lead product Vitastem is available for treating multiple skin conditions & ailments.


Acne Treatments

$10.03 Billion in 2022

Happy mid aged Asian woman looking at mirror. Antiaging beauty care concept.

Anti-Aging Cosmetics

$67.5 Billion in 2022

Eczema disease on the skin close up

Eczema Treatments

$11.77 Billion in 2022


Psoriasis Treatments

$27.36 Billion in 2022


Skin Cancer Treatments

$3.06 Billion in 2022


Medical Cannabis

$13.8 Billion in 2022

Diabetic Foot

Diabetic Amputations

$4.98 Billion in 2022

checking the disease big toe

Finger & Toenail Fungus

$4.44 Billion in 2022

Blistered Skin

Burn Treatments

$2.3 Billion in 2022

Eczema on the hands. The woman applying the ointment , creams in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and other skin diseases

Topical Antibiotics

$137.15 Billion in 2022

Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness

$8.81 Billion in 2022

Stressed young man touching lower back feeling discomfort.

Pain Management

$75.41 Billion in 2022

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